Will cardboard boxes be replaced by plastic corrugated boxes in the future?

Don’t you think that the world would be a better place when we will remove plastic corrugated boxes? Or do you think cardboard is should be removed? Let me tell you a fact that, cardboard is made from the trees, and it is easy to recycle and it naturally decomposes too. But cutting down of trees is a negative aspect here and it can replant as well. But on the other hand, plastic is hard to recycle, is made from oil and millions of years to decompose.

All the history! The Raw Materials!


If you want to know everything about both then you need to know where it all started. See, we all have learned very important things in our school and one of them was of saving our environment. And when we talk about our environment we know that PLASTIC is not at all good for our nature! Now the world’s biggest fight is against the Plastics. So many countries have taken a very bold step by banning the plastics entirely from their country.

As responsible citizens, we should keep in mind that, it is all about saving our nature. Plastics are generated from fossil fuels. The worst part about plastics is that, when burnt, it generates carbon emissions in the air and it takes millions of years to decompose. So, even if you want to recycle it, you can’t.


Cardboard is generated through paper and paper comes from trees. And again as a nature lover, I am against any kind of thing which results in nature’s depletion. The negative part here is that trees should be cut, but the positive part is that by planting more trees we can keep it equal. And they are biodegradable too, which means it gets decomposed easily.

So, the entire corrugated box manufacturer Delhi goes for the paper boxes, which can at least be decomposed easily and it gives back its nutrients to the soil.

Cardboard V/S Plastic

  • Cardboard

1 kg of cardboard is made:

  1. 350 liters of water.
  2. 7–14 kWh of electricity.
  3. 3 kg of wood.

Cardboard can take 2–12 months to decompose inland.

  • Plastic

1 kg of Plastic is made:

  1. 180 liters of water.
  2. 17–32 kWh of electricity.

Plastics can take 400–1000 years to decompose inland.

Now just compare for yourself and think, how much land and our nature is hurt by using plastics. If it takes thousands of years, then how many generations have to suffer. Still, there is no seriousness about anything, and companies go on and produce it.

Final words:

Here, I am saying again and again to be a responsible citizen. And to be that we should think about sustainable development, means you have to use raw materials in such a way that it can be preserved for future generations as well. If we go for gift box manufacturer Delhi NCR or plastic boxes, we should know that both cause some harmful effects. But plastic has more effect. I am not supporting the quality and all, just supporting nature.

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